The Park is an award-winning experiential agency, founded in London in 2018 by three industry leaders with eclectic backgrounds in client-side marketing, events, advertising, psychology, TV, PR, and sponsorship. The Sydney office launched in 2021.

We are the Creators
of Brand Proof

The Park was inspired by a feeling that marketing communications had become about brands effectively saying “trust us” as opposed to doing things to show what they’re about. Our purpose is to work with brands that stand for something and help them prove it.

At its core, The Park is an experiential agency but we have a broad view of what experiential marketing is. Simply, it’s doing something not just saying something.

We are the Creators of Brand Proof.

To provide evidence that experiential is more than just events and to make our name more salient we worked with four up and coming illustrators and partnered with a brewery to create four limited edition beers to celebrate the origin of our name – The Park stage at the UK's legendary Glastonbury festival.
Creating Brand Proof is about providing evidence and creating saliency. We believe in it so much as a marketing approach that we use it to market ourselves.

We then sent them to Clients and potential Clients on the weekend that would have been Glastonbury so they could enjoy the coverage of previous years with something from us. We had such a great reaction that we were able to auction some off for charity too. Evidence and salience. Doing, not saying.

Our Services

The three elements that combine to deliver Brand Proof:

1. Think

Strategy, ideas and measurement that helps move brands from Promise to Proof:

2. Deliver

Creation and execution of Brand Proof through:

Physical Experiences
  • Consumer Events
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sampling
  • Special Builds
  • Digital Experiences
  • Virtual Experiences
  • AR/VR
  • Hybrid Experiences
  • Partnerships
    • Sourcing & Agreement
    • Sponsorship Activation
    • Influencer sourcing & contracting
    • Social listening
    • Community management
    • Social asset creation
    • Physical & virtual media launches
    • Outreach
    • Mailers & asset packs
    • Ambient
    • Short-form content
    • Made-for-content events
    • Social video
    • Experience design
    • Branding
    • Renders
    • Final Artwork

    3. Magnify

    Increasing the reach and saliency of Brand Proof through:

    Secondary Audiences

    Thinking that combines earned, owned and paid to reach broader audiences


    Our unrivaled network of creators

    Eclectic Thinking

    Our bespoke creative process combining eclectic sources
    and people

    Behavioural Psychology

    Utilising the science of mind
    and behaviour to shape our ideas
    and experiences

    Brand Proof Effect

    Our approach to measurement and effectiveness


    2021Campaign Experience Awards: Bronze – Launch of Truth Seekers for Amazon Prime Video
    2020The Drum: Startup of the year
    The Drum Experience Awards: Highly Commended – NBCUniversal Spirit Home Adventures
    The Drum Experience Awards: In-House Event of the Year – Primark Forward Think
    IOIC UK: Highly Commended – Primark Forward Think

    We are proud to be
    members of ISLA