Primark Forward Think

What We Were Proving.Primark’s exciting plans for the future through an immersive employee conference; celebrating their 50th birthday and looking to the future.

How We Proved It.A conference unlike any other. A festival-like experience across three venues with talks, technology, exploration spaces, a fashion show and much more in a disused warehouse in Birmingham.

The event was live-streamed globally to many of their 70,000+ employees. There was also extensive content creation.

The Proof.The percentage of attendees who said they understood the company strategy went from 62% before the event to 98% after the event. There were similar increases in ability to communicate the company strategy (54% to 90%) and understanding their team’s role (from 75% to 95%).

of attendees said they understood the company strategy after the event.

What our client said:“1000 attendees, 22 coaches, 11 hotels, 3 venues, 1 live stream. Yesterday’s event is something we can all be really proud of. A huge thank you to you all. Not only did everyone play their part, you all went above and beyond in the lead up to and during the event. Thank you so much for your hard work which made this all happen. The results really speak for themselves.”