Pinvision Advertiser Event 

What We Were Proving. Pinterest’s advertiser proposition, the only place where users can go from Discovery to Decision to Do, highlighting the role Pinterest can play throughout the purchase funnel, from inspiration to action.

Proof Platform.

Pinvision – an immersive event for 200+ key UK media agency leaders, highlighting the consumer journey and showing how brands are additive to the user experience, helping to take them from Discovery to Decision to Do.

How We Proved It.

We took over Protein Studios in London and turned it into an immersive, interactive journey of self-discovery across multiple spaces, mirroring the often non-linear journey of discovery that a user takes on the Pinterest platform. 

Our aesthetic and design cues were inspired by Pinterest, incorporating elements of the UI and using Pinterest trends; all which enabled attendees to step inside the Pinterest platform, in-real-life

We brought to life two key audience demographics, including GenZ–one of the fastest growing audiences on Pinterest; shared Pinterest’s latest product roadmap and demonstrated Pinterest’s shopping features–highlighting the way in which Pinterest can drive real action amongst users, which was the key perception shift for this audience

Our food and beverages were also inspired by Pinterest with a mouth-watering canapes menu, taking inspiration from trends such as Rainscapes, Wildflours, Mush-rooms, Vitamin Seaweed and Free Spirits with a no/low alcohol menu.

To support the experience further, content was amplified through a series that lives on Pinterest Business’s LinkedIn. The scaled content series allowed Pinterest to continue the drumbeat long after the event, targeting a wider audience and ensuring they remained top of mind for advertising executives and agency leaders.

The proof.

200+ invited executives from major agencies and brands attended the event.

$2m+ in Pinterest ad revenue projected from the event. 

Content distributed after the event achieved engagement at double the LinkedIn benchmark.