Pinterest Cannes in Cairns 2023

What We Were Proving.

Pinterest is an effective advertising and shopping platform and Pinners are spending more money here, than on than on any other platform

Proof Platform.

Delivering memorable experiences as naming rights  partner at the B&T Cannes in Cairns conference


How We Proved It.

The Park has collaborated with Pinterest to activate their naming right sponsorship of the B&T Cannes in Cairns conference since 2022.

In 2023, our team was responsible for a range of elements, from the incredible keynote speaker – Zoe Foster Blake, to the Welcome Party, VIP dinner and the striking Pinterest Hub.

The Pinterest Welcome Party – “Pinchella” – was held in a forest environment in the old oil tanks in Cairns and featured the Mushroom and Weirdcore Pinterest Predicts themes. 

The Pinterest VIP guests were treated to a beachfront experience in which acclaimed chef Nick Holloway of Nunu brought to life the Good on Paper Pinterest Predicts theme.

At the conference our Pinterest hub allowed the 1500+ attendees to relax and network.  We offered mini permanent tattoos, a selection of nail art, alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails and also collaborated with Kitiya Palaskas, paper craft extraordinaire.