NBC Universal Spirit Home Adventures

What We Were Proving.Adventures are better shared with the ultimate family-friendly TV series, Spirit Riding Free.

How We Proved It.During a time when COVID-19 restrictions were suddenly affecting children’s daily lives, we wanted to inspire the target audience to create their own adventures at home, shaped by the show’s core themes.

We partnered with influencers across several European markets to create a YouTube content series. Each influencer created four adventure challenge videos to reach new and existing fans to be part of this digital experience.  We also partnered with local broadcasters to create extensive bespoke digital asset packs that were rolled out across their website and all social channels, bringing the challenges to life with interactive social features. 

The Proof.The campaign resulted in over 8 million organic impressions, increased viewing of Spirit Riding Free in key markets (by between 22% and 36%) and increased bottom line value to NBCU for the franchise. NBCU challenged us to extend the successful campaign to even more markets in 2021. 

organic impressions achieved

What our client said:This campaign was one of the best campaigns – with the most tangible results – that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work on. For us now to be looking at 36% ratings uplift, which will have the tangible result of increased revenue into the business – is truly remarkable. I’m already excited about the next project we get to brief you on.”