Anthony Joshua for Sky VIP

What We Were Proving.

Sky’s commitment to their customers and ability to surprise and delight like no other.

How We Proved It. 

A training session for Sky VIP customers with Anthony Joshua’s team, with a very big twist…

The customers thought they were “just” having a training session, little did they know Anthony Joshua would appear, train with them, and sit down for dinner with them. A truly money-can’t-buy experience.

The Proof.

As this was all about making their customers feel like VIPs, the best results are quotes from them.  Some of the best we’ve ever received, including:

“We will  be talking about this event for a very long time and hopefully with our grandkids too, memories we will cherish for a life time.”

“It’s called the Sky VIP experience and we truly did feel like VIPs for the entire day. In fact we were made to feel so important they could have changed the name to “Sky VVIP”.”